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Jewelry Repair

When a piece of jewelry becomes a part of your life it is natural for the metal to wear down over time, prongs to become loose or chains to stretch and break. Since 1983, Albert Thomas has been dominating repairs within the jewelry & watch industry. All repairs are processed and completed on site by our in-house master jewelers that can handle even minor adjustments, and work on all types of jewelry including rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more! Come in anytime for an assessment, we welcome all your questions and will work with you to come up with a solution to get your favorite jewelry ready to wear again.


It is advised to have jewelry professionally cleaned and inspected twice a year to protect against daily wear and tear. During our professional cleaning we look for loose or missing diamonds and gemstones , damaged or missing prongs, damaged clasps or chains , visible breaks & uneven wear.

Although you might see DIY tips and tricks, it's best to leave your jewelry repairs to the professionals. Without the proper jewelry repair tools and expertise, your jewelry could be further damaged.

Eye Glasses Repair

We repair most types of eyeglasses using our laser welder. Bring your glasses in for a free inspection and estimate. We offer quick, reliable service.


Watch Repair

With more than 36 years of watch repair, restoration and watch sales experience, you can depend on Albert’s Jewelers to help keep you on time. We have completed just about every type of watch repair imaginable, from the quick battery replacement, removal of links or replacing the band, we have you covered. We also offer a complete overhaul and replacement of the movement, as well as crystal replacements and watch cleaning.


Ear Piercing

If you’re considering a piercing for you or your child, we recommend learning about the piercing process before you choose your piercing location.

A few things to consider…

Select a location that is able to provide two associates to pierce your child’s ears simultaneously. The Inverness System is ideal for babies because it is extremely fast and quiet. Simultaneous piercings make the process even easier for children and their parents.

Only Inverness piercing earrings have the patented Safety Back™ to shield your little one from the earring’s sharp piercing tip.

The average healing time is 6 weeks for an earlobe piercing and 12 weeks for a cartilage piercing. We recommend that you leave your piercing earrings in and follow your aftercare instructions for 6 weeks after an earlobe piercing and 12 weeks after a cartilage piercing. You should only switch into new earrings after the healing period. Newly pierced ears are very sensitive and require special care and attention. If you take your earrings out for any length of time during the healing period, the holes may close or you may find it to be very difficult to re-insert earrings into a piercing hole that has not fully healed.


Q: Can I bring my own earrings and have them put in my child's ears?

A: Unfortunatly no, because we use pre-loaded sterile earrings to ensure the safest piercing possible.

  • Q: What do you do that is so different from having my child's ears pierced at the mall?

    A: First is experience.  Our staff is highly trained and perform ear piercings on a regular basis.  

  • Q: At what age do you start to pierce ears?

    A: The earliest we will pierce ears is after the first set of immunizations have been administered at the two month visit.  If you do not get immunizations for your infant we will not be able to pierce their ears.

  • Q: Is it fine to go swimming after getting your ears pierced?

    A: The first two weeks are when your new piercings are most susceptible to infection so swimming during this time does carry some risk.


Pearl Re-Stringing

Over time, pearl necklaces, pearl bracelets and beaded jewelry start to stretch out. The beads will start to wiggle between the knots, the fine silk will get soiled and the entire piece of jewelry will lose its pop. This is a sign it is time for pearl restringing. Our professional restringing service guarantees that your broken piece is treated with love. Although our expertise is in the re-knotting and restringing of pearl and beaded jewelry, that is not all we do. Did your ring lose its pearl? We can repair broken pearl rings! Is your necklace too short and you need matching pearls to lengthen your strand? We can handle it. Broken clasp repair, upgrading clasps or simply switching to an easier to fasten style are all part of the repair work we do.


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Custom Redesign

If you love the ring gifted to you but do not wear yellow gold and wished it would've been white gold, Albert’s Jewelers can take care of you. If your bracelet doesn’t fit quite right, we can lengthen or shorten it. Accidents happen; if your necklace gets caught on the sweater Grandma knitted for you and diamonds fall out… we can replace the diamond for you! Imagine you inherited a two carat diamond ring but it looks too old-fashioned for you; let us transfer the diamond to a more modern setting from our large selection. Jewelry is a way to express yourself, and it is often inexpensive to repair or refine a piece to pristine condition. Do you have a repair job that no other jeweler is willing to touch? Reach out to us! We are always excited to solve your jewelry repair problems!


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