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Pearl Re-Stringing


Over time, pearl necklaces, pearl bracelets and beaded jewelry start to stretch out. The beads will start to wiggle between the knots, the fine silk will get soiled and the entire piece of jewelry will lose its pop. This is a sign it is time for pearl restringing. Our professional restringing service guarantees that your broken piece is treated with love. Although our expertise is in the re-knotting and restringing of pearl and beaded jewelry, that is not all we do. Did your ring lose its pearl? We can repair broken pearl rings! Is your necklace too short and you need matching pearls to lengthen your strand? We can handle it. Broken clasp repair, upgrading clasps or simply switching to an easier to fasten style are all part of the repair work we do.


Custom Redesign

If you love the ring gifted to you but do not wear yellow gold and wished it would've been white gold, Albert’s Jewelers can take care of you. If your bracelet doesn’t fit quite right, we can lengthen or shorten it. Accidents happen; if your necklace gets caught on the sweater Grandma knitted for you and diamonds fall out… we can replace the diamond for you! Imagine you inherited a two carat diamond ring but it looks too old-fashioned for you; let us transfer the diamond to a more modern setting from our large selection. Jewelry is a way to express yourself, and it is often inexpensive to repair or refine a piece to pristine condition. Do you have a repair job that no other jeweler is willing to touch? Reach out to us! We are always excited to solve your jewelry repair problems!

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